Our Caregivers

“My husband says he would be uncomfortable with a stranger living with us, but he needs constant care – care I no longer have the strength to provide. How can I get him to think about an alternative solution?” -Spouse

Nothing is more important to us than hiring and retaining the best caregivers. With the support of a qualified caregiver, the elderly individual and his/her family gain an enhanced quality of life. We are diligent in the selection process for screening, interviewing and selecting our aides, seeking individuals who demonstrate maturity, flexibility, empathy, and patience, as well as a genuine interest in caring for the elderly. In addition, as a condition of employment all employees must:

  • Pass a national criminal background check
  • Have a verifiable employment history
  • Have at least two years of related work experience
  • Undergo competency testing
  • Agree to routine drug testing
  • Complete a thorough orientation process
  • Be certified by the State of New Jersey (applies to home health aides)